Friday, July 5, 2013

America; 4th of July

Its 4th of July! Yeah Red, White, and Blue! America! Independence! A little antique shop in Dry Town has a flag painted building! So...what better way to celebrate this country by taking portraits in spirited attire!? :)
I'm wearing.................a white fringe blouse from forever 21, denim shorts from forever21, a bandeau with an American flag pattern from Basic for about $10, American flag flats from Target for $19.99, and a American flag bandana from Joann Fabrics!

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How did you celebrate!?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Old News, New News

SO it's been forever since I've looked at this blog. Obviously I didn't stick with updates on my weekly looks. Moving forward. New posts to come! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 6: Pink and Black


*This week was inspired by last thursday's Project Runway episode winner Christopher. He's my favorite :) and his pink and black dress exuded elegance that couldn't be ignored! My support goes out to Chris. <3. Check out project runway here:


*This look is a pink coat that I bought this Labor Day Weekend at GoodWill for only 5$! :) It was a great find and in EXCELLENT condition! WHOOO to thrift shopping! <3 I wore it with my new years sparkle dress that is a top in this look and my high waisted jeans and my brown flip flops from Target that were 5$!
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this look is:
a black leather vest from Goodwill for 5$ (another labor day find!)
pink tank top with rhinestone detail at collar from Target
chain necklace from grandma's jewelry box
high waister jeans from forever21


this look is:
a pink tutu from forever21
a black strapless dress worn as top from sisters closet (props to bekka:))
black glasses necklace from forever21 5$


Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 5: You're Invited to a Garden Party

*This week was made up of floarl prints.
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MONDAY: Roses are Red

This look is a sheer back black tank with rose floarl print on the back from loveculture with a white tank top underneath from stylesforless, paired with dark blue denim jeans from forever21 for 10$! :)

TUESDAY: Buy Me a Dozen Roses


This outfit is a shirt from my friends closet (love to katie:)) which came from forever21, a sheer lace cardigarn with a ruffled lace elastic collar, and dark blue denim jeans that belong(ed) to my sister (love to Rebekka). I'm also wearing large stud rhinestone earrings from icing.
WEDNESDAY: Photos coming soon!!!
THURSDAY: To Read Secret Garden

This look is a floral dress that I wore as a top, a blue skirt from forever21, a blue sports jacket from GoodWil, a blue belt from forever21 for 5$, a black "belt" which is actually a purse strap that came with a purse I bought from Icing, a chain necklace from my grandma's jewelry box, and black moccasins from Target! :)  I LOVED this look! Tell me what you think; leave comments/view my lookbook or HYPE this look here!

FRIDAY: Hold My Hand And Drink Tea With Me At This Garden Party

This look is a floral tank top from Blooms that I found at my local mall, grey harem pants from forever21, a gold scarf from Target for 16$, and a maroon sports head band just from a drug store, and brown flip flops from Target for 5$. It was a really easy and laid back look. Super casual and comfy a perfect way to end a long week! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 4: Neon

Week 4: Neon
*This week was inspired by neon colors!

Monday: photos coming soon

Neon Signs

I like to mix my fancy stuff with common everyday wear like my graphic tee and flipflops:). The tee I got from glamourkills, the belt from forever21, the skirt is actually a high-low dress that I tunked the top down and wore as a skirt,it's from forever21, the pink flipflops are from Target for 5$.
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WEDNESDAY:Tinge of Neon Green

This look is a gray blazer that I got from Target YEARs ago! Gotta love the classic pieces in your closet that never get old right! :) My "shirt" is a neon gree high-low skirt. I noticed the style of high-low is being made for shirts so why not just replicate the style without buying a new shirt-not that I don't love shopping-but the best clothes are the versatile ones:):). I wore high waisted jeans with it and a pair of dark brown flip-flops from Target for 5$!

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This look is made up of a denim vest that I got from GoodWill, a chain necklace from my grandma's jewelry box, black shades, a black cloth belt, neon magenta pink shorts from Target, and a white undershirt that was cut to look like a bandeau.
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FRIDAY: Garden Party Colors

This look is my moms sheer turquoise blouse from forever21 for 16$, a neon green cami from StylesForLess, highwaisted demin shorts, a silver chain necklace from my grandma's jewelry box (one of my favorites), and sparkle gold heels from Kmart for 20$.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 3: Simplicity Isn't Me But It's What I Want To Be

This week was inpisred by taking something you wouldn't except could be dressed down and making it simple and beautiful!
*the kind of looks that can change from day to evening

not too much, just enough

I'd go to this link if i were you ;) to see more looks
This look is: a dress worn as a shirt from forever21, and denim high waisted shorts.

I got this dress (worn as a top) for New Years and loved how something so elegant can be dressed down for a typical look to wear to school.The best kind of clothes are the versatile ones<3


WEDNESDAY:  Maybe it's complicated by being so simple....

 This look was a white vneck cami worn under a see-through white fringed blouse from I wore this with white shorts patterend with blue flowers and black moccasins. My hair was up in a messy bun with a black athletic hair band and i wore simple rhinestone stud earrings from icing. It was a great summer look to still look classy but not be uncomfotable in the heat.

THURSDAY:Just That Lovely

This look was a very old pink tank top that I never really wore that had a jewled neckline and a peekaboo cutout in the back. I believe it came from Target. I was wearing high waisted jeans and demin stapped heels from payless (on sale for buy 2 get 1 free deal). I bobby pinned a necklace into my hair from a unique touch! :)
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FRIDAY: Photos coming soon!